Free 0300 Calls

Did you know that you shouldn’t be charged for calls to telephone numbers that start with 0300?

That is the same no matter where you are calling from in the UK or whether you are calling from a landline or a mobile phone.

From 1 July 2015 there is a mandatory requirement for mobile and landline providers to treat numbers that begin with 0300 in exactly the same was as they treat telephone numbers that start with either an 01 or an 02, so although 0300 numbers are not geographical numbers  they are charged ( or not charged) at the same rate.

Generally, if you have any inclusive minutes within your mobile or landline package that covers “local” calls then these will be used when you use an 03 telephone number and wont attract any additional costs.

*local rate was actually abolished years ago, but companies like to still use the terms as people understand it

Given that inclusive “local rate” packages are so widely available many large charities and Government Departments / services have adopted 0300 numbers as their preferred method of contact so before making a call to a number that starts with 08 ( that may incur a charge and not be within your inclusive minutes allowance) be sure to check if the organization also has a local rate option that you can use.

0300 Call Costs

About 0300 Call Costs.

The 0300 costs information on this site is updated on a weekly basis, however we do seek user input when services their calling plans before we have updated, so if you do notice a change in the 0300 call costs of any of the major networks please drop us a line in the comments including a reference link so that we can check and update the information that we share.

When free isn’t free

The key when calling a number beginning 0300 is to ensure that you are on the correct calling plan in the first place.

If you have inclusive calls to 01 and 02 numbers, this will also cover calls to 03 numbers.

If you are paying a per-minute rate for calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers you’re probably on the wrong call plan.

Most people make calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers as part of an inclusive allowance. Outside of that allowance, landline providers charge up to 12p per minute, e.g. weekday calls made when only a “weekend” plan is in force. Mobile providers charge up to 45p per minute, e.g. exceeding a contract’s monthly call allowance or pay-as-you-go without a call bundle.

It only takes about 45 to 60 minutes of calls per month on a landline with a “weekend” deal for the “anytime” deal to work out cheaper.

It only takes about 10 to 20 minutes of calls per month on a mobile paying a per-minute rate for the next contact up in size (e.g. almost double the minute for less than a fiver extra) or a pay-as-you-go call bundle (e.g. 100 minutes for £5) to work out cheaper.

This site is being updated to make it absolutly clear that calls to 0300 Numbers are NEVER actually free. However in practice you will NOT BE CHARGED ANYTHING FOR MAKING THESE CALLS.

Wilst you may not pay any additional charges to call 0300 numbers from a mobile as long as you have inclusive minutes- this does not translate to the actual call being ‘free’ as all 0300 numbers are chargable.

If you have any questions or queries please note them below and we will find out the answer and get back to you ASAP with a reference to the answer.

It has been pointed out that saying that te calls are ‘free’ is incorrect as their is technically a charge for calling a telephone number that begins with 0300. But all telephony providers allow you to call 0300 numbers from your plans allowance meaning that you do not have to actualy pay anything extra when making the call as they will be treated as being geographical numbers and as such will come out of your minutes.